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Eating dinner in a restaurant


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Dec 19, 2015
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Chinese new year is coming.My madam is a Chinese.Every year they always having dinner reunion in a restaurant.But this year her children decided not to eat in the restaurant because of the situation of madam.'coz i need to feed her everytime meal time,if she don't like the food she will vomit or throw out the food from her mouth then cry and shout saying."I don't like this food,I don't want to eat anymore".Instead of eating in a restaurant they decided to held in the house.Is it advisable to her not to go out and eat outside for sometimes?What more to go out with old friends or relatives is it good for her?or making friends with a new people?


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Apr 24, 2013
There comes a point when eating out just doesn't work. PWD like routine and familiarity and a meal at home with people they know works better.


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Oct 19, 2009
Marionq is right. I wouldn't say that she could never be taken out again - but with dementia, it gets increasingly difficult for the person to cope with the distraction of noise around them, people moving around them, and a lot of choice as regards food. And of course, often their sense of taste changes too. Foods they once loved, they no longer like. Or sometimes, it's the texture of a food that they no longer like.

If it has reached the stage where you have to feed the lady, then I would think too though that meals in restaurants are no longer a good idea.


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May 9, 2012
south-east London
I would say that the children have come up with the perfect solution - a lovely reunion meal at home surrounded by family.

Eating out at restaurants can become quite an ordeal.

My husband can still feed himself and enjoys the occasional family meal out but this past year we have had to adapt things considerably. The background noise (whether music or chatter) is very overwhelming for my husband, just the sound of cutlery being dropped, glasses clinked together or loud laughter can set his nerves on edge.

Instead of meals out at peak periods we now go for very quiet times. In fact our anniversary meal celebration was breakfast out (and very nice it was too ).

We are getting around things ok. I help him cut food if necessary and he has a good appetite. I know that things will change though and that my husband (and family) will find the eating out experience less and less enjoyable.

When that time comes I too will turn to special celebration meals at home. I see nothing wrong with that. When we were first married and had no money I would prepare a special candlelight meal at home for those special times.

Not going to restaurants doesn't have to be the end of socialising, celebrating or friendships :)