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Eating all or nothing!


Registered User
Jun 1, 2014
My nan is eating very eradically. My mum is her carer and goes in 3 times a day. She can eat a cooked dinner, a plate of cold sandwiches/fruit/cake left in the fridge and cereal left out for breakfast in the space of a couple of hours or alternatively say she isn't hungry at all almost for days at a time. Has she just lost the perception of time and hunger pangs?


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May 21, 2014
Her brain isn't telling her anymore whether she's hungry or full. Plus, she's forgotten whether she already ate or not. It would probably be better not to leave out too much food in one go. Get her used to three meals a day. If she were attending a day care centre, she'd be getting breakfast, lunch and biscuits in the afternoon. That would only leave the evening meal to be sorted out.

mrs mcgonnagal

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May 9, 2015
My mum went through something similar, she would either eat everything and anything, or go days not eating or drinking. Both such a worry, not eating worse but binge eating hard to cope with too. She is now in a lovely care home, where meals are regular and tea and biscuits in the morning and afternoon. At home I had to hide food!


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Jun 1, 2014
She was in respite care for a week and ended up in hospital covered in bruises and her own filth, with a water infection, dehydrated and malnourished. We are petrified of leaving her in any care again and so are trying to do our best around work and family etc and go in 3 times a day but can't get the food and drink right and wanted some suggestions. She was really upset and agitated in hospital and she loves her own home and settles there but nowhere else. It's tough isn't it?


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Jul 24, 2014
My husband is always hungry even when we have had a nice fish and chip dinner he has a big tea. I sometimes have a piece of toast and he wolfs down a big plate of sandwiches and soup. I understand now why this happens.


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Oct 10, 2015
North Cornwall
My dad could eat for England too. I think partly, he was getting too hungry waiting for his main meal in the evening and was thinking about food all the time. Now that he has his main meal at midday, he doesn't seem to worry so much.

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