Eating again, things are looking up

lou lou

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Nov 9, 2005
Dear All,

I haven't postsed in a while although I read the posts quite often. I just wanted to let people know that my mum has improved remarkably. On the Wednesday before christmas we were told she was going to die, she was admitted ( after a long battle) to hospital with kidney failure. I was despairing because she had been refusing to eat and had lost an enormous amount of weight.

We had a terrible ordeal with the hospital who initially refused to admit her and just wanted to send her back to the care home. Having listened to people on this list I sent a formal complaint to the hospital. No progress yet but mum got a very nice personal letter from her MP ( Right Hon Keith Hill) who is also taking up the matter.

Since returning to the care home mum's appettite has improved and she has even put on a little bit of weight. I took one of her old neighbours to visit her last night and she was on sparkling form, smiling and laughing. She spoke to one of my brothers on my mobile. She got through 2 chocolate cream eclairs and had a tot of her baileys. It's quite remarkable how quickly we have travelled from the pit of despair back to what passes for normality these days.

I've just had 2 weeks holiday in the Canaries and it was the first time in 12 months that nothing went disasterously wrong at home.

Mum's memory even seems to have improved, she recalled people and events with her neighbour last night that I thought she had lost a long time ago.

I'd just like to thank everyone who posted their support it was one of the things that kept me going through the dark times. And to everyone else I am full of wonder at just how much people cope with when a loved one has this disease. Just don't give up hope.


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Mar 7, 2004
Loulou, it is so good to hear from you again, and with such an uplifting story.

So glad that mum seems to have turned a corner, and is more stable at present.

Hope you really enjoyed your holiday, you deserve it. Love Connie

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