Early Stages


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Sep 11, 2003

I was wondering if anyone could help or advise with a couple of queries.

My mum was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers and has lived with me and my family until a more permanent solution could be found. As she is still in the 'early stages' her consultant has assured me that she will be able to live a moderately independant life providing she can be supervised on a regular basis. To that end she has recently sold her house 40 miles away, and is in the process of buying a small bungalow very close to us.

I would like to here from any one that can advise me on any particular makes of domestic appliances that they feel may be safe and suitable for her needs.

I have read many threads and posts and now do not quite know what to expect in the future. On the one hand I am relieved that I am not alone....But I am equally concerned about what the future may hold.

I only have her best interests at heart am I fighting a losing battle?? What should I do?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Adi (Lumpy one)


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May 28, 2003
Domestic appliances? Hmmm well I dont know that I can advise on anything in particular.
I suppose the most obvious small appliance (?) that comes to mind is an electric cordless kettle. But as for anything else, I think you will have to explain a little more about what you mean.
It's normal for a person to take their own belongings with them when they move home, and one dosen't always think to buy new to help them out as you are.
I do apreciate what you are saying, but I dont know that there are any white goods that will be of particular benefit, that are much different to others anyway.

As for moving your Mum closer to you, I think that is the best move possible.
Good luck