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Early stage Alzheimer's


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Jan 10, 2014
Illinois, USA
Develop a routine

My wife was diagnosed with MCI nearly two years ago. After a year she was re-assessed with 'early stage dementia'. At the moment her problem is 'memory loss' (both short term and long term) and the consequences of blaming me for things that she forgot we agreed to do, places to go, etc. I go through our diaries to ensure things are in both and I always update the kitchen calendar. I use a blackboard in the kitchen to show what we are doing in the immediate future - it helps somewhat. What can I do as 'aide memoirs' to help overcome the problem of memory loss?

Now is a good time to develop a daily routine you both can adjust into. Do not over commit yourself though. But getting into a good pattern - breakfast (no cooking), morning walk, bathing, etc.. may help your wife keep her dementia in check. Too Much Information will make it hard for her - so limit the intricate details of finances, medicines, family problems, etc. Keep it simple, steady and calm. Change is going to become harder for her as the disease progresses. Seek out help from your children if possible, neighbors, well meaning family members - you do not need to do this by yourself.