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Early signs and wondering what’s next


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Dec 29, 2021
Hi, this is my first post. My sister and I have been worried about our mums memory for a while. We contacted the GP who called her in for a chat and she has been referred to the memory clinic. We have noticed in the last 6 weeks she has become worse and struggling to remember more, is it common for things to happen this quickly? How long does it normally take to be seen by the memory clinic and what does it involve? I’m in my 30s so I don’t have any experience of this with friends parents etc. wondering if it would benefit to go private to find out as I know covid is taking its toll on the nhs. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you all ☺️


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Apr 13, 2018
Welcome to Dementia Talking Point @LauraMay84.
It might be worth getting your mum to see a doctor to check out the fact she seems to be getting worse rapidly. It might be the dementia, but it could be a urine infection or some other infection which can cause real problems in older people.
My mum received an appointment for the memory clinic quite quickly, but that was pre-covid, so it might take some time at the moment. In the meantime have you sorted out Power of Attorney? This will be really useful as things develop and your mum needs more help with managing finances etc. Although my mum had an appointment with the memory clinic she refused to talk to the nurse so I have no first hand experience of what would be involved, I'm sure others will be along with their experiences shortly. An MRI scan was ordered as well as the clinic visit and mum did go to that. I was hoping it would show clear evidence of dementia, but it didn't. We only got a diagnosis when her behaviour become very volatile , and her doctor's surgery was on the receiving end of a meltdown. They arranged a psychiatrist to visit her at home and he diagnosed vascular dementia.
You might also start thinking about what other things your mum needs in the way of help. Maybe arrange someone to come in and give her a hand with cleaning, shopping or cooking. Age UK have a Help at Home service that might be useful if it is available in your area.
Keep posting you'll find this a very friendly and supportive place.

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