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Early Onset Alzheimer’s-Just diagnosed at 52


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Jun 6, 2011
"Out of the box" options beckon.....

A diagnosis like this must be quite horrific, and it must shatter the mental/emotional box or bubble that you've created: the box of expectations as to how your shared life is likely to continue and develop as you grow older.

So......think outside the box! :D

There may be amazing, unlikely, special things that you could do together. Things that you might, later on, look back on and say, "wow, you know if this disease hadn't come along, we would have never done that wonderful thing! We would have put it off until it never did happen...."

Send your minds off on tangents....think and plan the unthinkable.....if the intellectual left-brain is a little disabled, tap the resources and desires of the imaginative right-brain.



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Oct 24, 2009
Hello Tony,

My husband was diagnosed with AD at 48 years. He is now 50 and fortunately seems steady at the moment. I decided quite early on that I would keep working as we still have a mortgage and young child to support. Two lovely 'PA's', that my husband likes, sit with him while I am working which works well for us.

I am glad I am still working as I feel happier in myself and I think this helps to make me a better carer to my husband and our child. Look at all your options, can you reduce your working hours rather than giving up work altogether so maybe you can have the best of both worlds. Increased time together but some 'you' time as well.

I have learned that I need to be flexible, imaginative and adaptable to the various changes that occur in our family life as a result of this illness.They are not all bad changes either and we still have fun. Enjoy every day together to the max even if some days are tough. Our life is just different now.

I wish you both well.

Kindest regards,



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Mar 26, 2020
Hi tony my wife is a div 2 nurse and worked with dementia patients in a nursing home and has been diagnosed with dementia at 52 . Problems at work started for her and I now cannot believe no one at her work picked it. Anyway she left her jobs then couldn't get another. At this stage we didn't know she had dementia and it took 12mth before we got diagnosed because of her denial that she had a problem. We finally had all the tests and it was confirmed, mate we were so shocked and we mourned for weeks. Get your will done, power of attorney done then check her disability benefits on her super and income protection also get in touch with dementia Australia. In my experience my wife's denial and i not knowing what reactions I was getting from her is it dementia talking or her. She gets angry and say she fn hates me and gets violent at time and it get confusing if your wife does this you need to not argue and try and devert her attention to something else. I hope this helps. Good luck.
Hi Tony

My husband was older than your wife when diagnosed with probable Early Onset Alzheimers and as a result we both retired (we worked together before that).

I agree with all the comments about making the most of your time together while you can. However, from experience I agree with you that spending 24/7 together you will more than likely get on each others nerves.

This disease is extremely wearing and mentally exhausting and I believe that for your own sanity you need to be able to get away and have a break from it while you can. There will no doubt come a time when you are needed 24/7 but at the moment in my opinion you should carry on working.

Take care


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Nov 6, 2008
Hello @johnmead and welcome to DTP
I would just like to point out to you that the post you have replied to is from 2011 so you are unlikely to get further replies
I hope now You have found the forum you will continue to to post
perhaps you would consider starting you your own thread on the forum


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Mar 17, 2005
Hi Tony yes 52 does seem young and obviously dementia varies in each of us but don’t despair I was diagnosed aged 56½ with Alzheimer’s in 1999 and FTD in 2003 I’m 77 now and apart from other medical problems I’m living well with dementia after my diagnoses in 1999 I continued working until 2008 unfortunately at that time couldn’t work beyond age of 65 I first joined Talking Point in March 2005 and just notice in your replies a KenC who I can remember from many years ago on TP along Barry the Bread from Indonesia who passed away 3-4 years ago

Back in those days we were all in contact with each other by email No data protection then so Tony even 21 years on I can still reply to your thread so look on the bright side

Cheers Countryboy
Well my name is Tony as well really

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