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E-Petition Funding - Learning Disabilities/EarlyAge Dementia


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Jan 17, 2009
This petition has been started by a lady called Jeanette, if she reaches 200 signatures then she will get a Government response, please sign and pass to anyone who you think may be interested.


This petition has been put together to voice the concerns of many Carers across the online community, regarding the total lack of awareness and needs of a person with Learning Disabilities and Early Age Dementia. Funding, training and facilities are needed to keep them out of residential care. Life expectancy is getting longer (particularly people with Down's Syndrome) so more are getting this dreadful disease, but are overlooked so do not get the attention/help and support as those without a Learning Disability. (I know these people do not get enough!!) People with Learning disabilities and their families lead a very poor quality of life and need help now!