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Drugs or no drugs


New member
Dec 16, 2019
My mum has recently been diagnosed with mixed dementia, the consultant recommended mermantine, my mum on the day was adamant she does not want any more drugs, and I am concerned over the side effects - is it worth any more upset than what she is already going through. Am I wrong to suggest that she does not take them, am I just prolonging the agony of the situation. My mum has had dementia for at least 3 years, and is now I would say mid - late stage.


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Oct 15, 2018
Newtown, Wales
I will always remember the first words from the memory nurse who first came to visit us. He said it was a family decision and that mediation is not always the best answer, We tried memantine for nearly two years and came to the conclusion it was not having any positive affect. Since then my wife has not been on any medication, she seems to be more alert and happier. I think the best solution is to try and see if it works for your mum and the family.

Canadian Joanne

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
Medication was very effective for my mother. It helped keep her calm and less agitated. However, I know other people for whom the medication wasn't useful. I personally would say to try it, you can always discontinue it if necessary.


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Jul 7, 2019
My mum responded so well to memantine
It has given me positive memories & experiences of mum. The difference it makes is huge in mums case


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Aug 1, 2014
Victoria, Australia
My husband has been on medication for Alzheimer's for five years and is now eighty years old, still playing bridge and his consultant just said today that he is doing remarkably well.

Considering he has major heart problems, it is surprising that he is still alive. Anything is worth a try.

Starting on a journey

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Jul 9, 2019
My mother started memantine in September. Luckily she has responded well with no.side effects. It has greatly enhanced her quality of life. In September I was at my wit's end with her, now she is fairly easy work( relatively speaking).
You can get it as an oral drug that dissolves on the tongue and has a sweet taste. Please try it, if it does work for your mum it will be worth it


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Apr 30, 2019
South East
Another here , only positives about Memantine, been on it two years and I thought it was doing nothing, Dr stopped it and bam it was just awful within 3 days, the cognition went through the floor and agitation so straight back on it and has stabled again almost immediately. Doesn't work for everyone though .