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drugs for Alzheimer sufferers

London girl

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Jan 2, 2015
my mum has been in a care home for nearly 5 months. I can still have a chat with her and she recognizes me, but she has no memory of what happened one minute ago etc. She has always been anxious but never taken any tranquilizers. After a few weeks in the home they prescribed lorazepam, then diazepam and are now thinking (because she has started to shout) of quetiapine. I think she needs more attention and more reassurance. I think the diazepam has made her shout. Am I being naive?


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Apr 5, 2010
Hi and welcome to TP.

I can be sitting with Mum, she can be chatting but as soon as she closes her eyes she starts to shout. I speak to her and she opens her eyes, talks but has no idea she has just shouted out. This will go on fir hours so she has medication to reduce her stress.

It's not that a person being with her will help all the time, it's the stage Mum is at in her illness.


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Nov 9, 2014
Its not the diazepam its the illness ,the quitaipine may help no matter how good the home there is only so much attention they can give to each client and a resident who shouts all the time can make it very hard for the other residents who have nowhere else to go.

Make sure shes not over sedated though ....I'm so sorry ...its so distressing seeing your mum deteriorate