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little shettie

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Nov 10, 2009
Thank you all for your advice and welcoming.
Its so hard to "trick" your father because he is" your father" but its time to start .I feel that because nothing is as yet diagnosed I am powerless to stop him ,but I will. He cant be on the roads his last trip (23 mins normally) took 2 hours due to him getting lost.
Dad has hidden it so well but when you hear him say "they have gone through my eyes to do my lungs " and thinks his Ford Fiesta is a Morris Minor it shocks you to the core.
I thought about the letter to the optician and I will do that too .I am hoping that a domicile visit will happen before the 18th due to his refusal to attend but they are so busy.
This is as everyone on the site will agree such tough going.
Many thanks John.
Hi John, I understand how difficult this all is having been through it my self with my own parents. You are not tricking your dad in a bad way, you need to tell him little white lies to get him where he needs to be. That's the only way you will ever get dad some help if he is reluctant. Trust me, my mums dementia journey has been all white lies from me to her. You're not a bad person for doing so, you only want the best for your dad and if he didn't have this awful disease then he would I'm sure agree with you. As for driving, please do not give in. I'm a driving instructor and know only too well the dangers we face on the roads let alone allowing someone with dementia on them. He would be a danger to himself and others. I had to face up to the difficult decision of taking my dads keys away from him, he didn't have dementia but his car was full of little dinks, different colour paint and damaged tyres!!!! More then enough for me to take action. Its all very sad and sometimes hard to come to terms with. I wish you and your dad well x