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Driving the car


Registered User
Mar 17, 2015
Hi My brother was diagnosed with vascular dementia last year. He was issued with a driving licence for a year until July but I do not think he is safe on the road. How do I go about telling him he should no longer drive?


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Apr 24, 2013
Contact the DVLA outlining your concerns and they will test him to see whether or not he is fit to drive. This is the responsible thing to do. Well done.


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Mar 1, 2015
Notifying DVLA of driver who's a dementia sufferer

my father lives independently with support from me. He is very proud of his independence. after a visit to my father'so GP in February 2015, his GP informed me that following a memory test which my father requested in November, my father has been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. The GP has not told my father he has Dementia, and he is still driving, safely I believe currently. My father can be difficult, is extremely strong willed and loves to drive on short journeys and I don't want to be the one to tell him that he has Dementia and that he has to notify the DVLA. I have broad shoulders but I believe he will become very resentful of me, and In terms of managing his care this will make our relationship/my care support very difficult. Can I ask his GP to inform him of his diagnosis/does the GP have a care of duty in informing the DVLA?