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Driving assessments


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Dec 27, 2012

My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimers for four years now. She continues to drive, at the moment. However, her reaction times to possible hazards in the road don't seem great, and she definitely has a problem with navigation (no surprise on London roads). I've just about convinced her of the need to get a driving assessment, to check that she's safe, to give us evidence either way to show the DVLA, and to look for possible ways to make things easier if there are any. But I'm unfamiliar with driving assessments or the local assessment centres (there's three options in easy reach: the QEF in Carshalton; SE Driveability based out of Maidstone; and the Hertfordshire Action on Disability Mobility Centre near Welwyn Garden City).

Any views on any of these centres, or on driving assessments in general?


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Nov 16, 2008
My husband had his driving assessment at QEF Carshalton. An excellent centre. The forms are very thorough, you can also phone and express concerns. Tests are very thorough. If you pass the simulator and reaction and physical tests you get to go on a test drive with an Instructor and Occupational Therapist. Lovely, quiet setting but they take you out in traffic to assess.


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Apr 28, 2015
Has the DVLA been informed that she has Alzheimer's? By law she has to tell them. Her insurance e could be invalid if she hasn't told them and then has an accident.
We told the DVLA about my MIL and we told her that she couldn't drive until we'd heard back from them. They asked for a letter from the doctor at the memory clinic and they then sent her a letter asking her to come for an assessment. By this time it was almost 6 months since she'd driven and she didn't want to do the assessment. So she hasn't driven since.