Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Has anyone started to experience anxiety dreams since the start of the coronavirus?

I rarely remembered my dreams in the past but since lockdown I`ve had a number of quite distressing dreams which I put down to anxiety. Every one of these dreams involved my husband who died nearly seven years ago.

I regard myself as quite a calm person and feel I`m coping relatively well with the limitations of the virus. I miss face to face social interaction but am grateful I don`t have the responsibility of caring for a husband with dementia , don`t have work related, mortgage or rent worries and have no family member or close relative infected by COVID-19

Even so, I`m still having these dreams, all involving upsetting behavioural challenges which I experienced in the past and would not be able to manage in the present situation.

It`s said it`s good to talk so I`m inviting anyone who is experiencing upsetting dreams to share them here, in the hope it will help.


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Apr 1, 2016
Hi @Grannie G .

I seldom remember my dreams either but I have had a few wake me up since Covid-19 reared it’s ugly head mostly involving how I’d be dealing with my relatives if they were still here. I have work related worries too but , although they occasionally keep me awake, they don’t appear in my dreams..

Other than that I feel I’m coping fairly well but I do miss seeing my friends as much as I would normally and I’ve given up shopping for pleasure!

I wonder if the vivid dreams is our subconscious way of dealing with what is, after all, quite an unusual and disturbing place to find ourselves in.


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Jan 5, 2014
I am aware I have a background level of anxiety around covid. I rarely remember my dreams (we are all supposed to dream so assume I must dream) and I am regularly waking up with vivid dreams in my head since the start of lcokdown - I can't say the current ones are disturbing and the recent ones have tended to have a cycling theme - which is partly because the delayed cycling season means we are watching very exciting highlights of European races - to the point we are backlogged with our viewing.

I was driving on Saturday and thought that all the anxiety around covid isn't good for my long term health and I need to try and let it go more. My anxieties aren't the same as most people on TP though as my PWD is relatively settled in her flat and partly my lack of posting on here.

I certainly had a lot of unhappy anxious dreams after my colleague died of covid.

I am certainly very anxious about the effects of covid on my son, he has GCSEs this summer and whilst the current position is exams we don't know, so that is meaning I am worrying a lot about that.

I think I am just anxious generally about how the outturn of the pandemic will be on my kids, will my son ever return to fencing competitions etc, the cuts in funding of science research will affect my daughters future job hunting, missing my group cycling and café stops, we've ridden in smaller groups sat on tables spread out and as most of my cycling companions live in Tier 3, whereas I am in Tier 2, I stopped riding in the group again a couple of weeks ago. I'm also worrying about the future economy and the effect of that on all of us, I think that goes with my job, I've worked through enough downturns to know what is coming in general but not specifically, but I'm certainly finding that scary.

I just feel it is a long time until we will return to normal and I don't know what normal will be.

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