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Nov 4, 2015
Hi does anybody know of any door sensors that will remind mum to shut her front door, she often leaves it open/unlocked. Bless her as soon as she passes it shuts it straight away its never left open for long and luckily she lives in a safe area however you never know. We have a sign next to the door saying 'LOCK THE DOOR'

So I was thinking something like a fridge alarm that makes a noise untill you shut it. Or does anybody know of any doors that can get fitted that are self locking?


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Jan 20, 2016
There are memo minders that play a recorded message as you approach it. You could Put 'Don't forget to lock the door Mum' on it. You can change the message whenever you want - which is a good idea to change the message and even the person leaving the message. By changing the message it adds variety and the message does not just get thought of as just being that same 'nagging' voice. There are simple beep bop type alerts but most people switch them off after a while. Just type memo minder in to a search engine like Google and they will be there