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Door sensors


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Nov 4, 2015
Hi does anybody know of any door sensors that will remind mum to shut her front door, she often leaves it open/unlocked. Bless her as soon as she passes it shuts it straight away its never left open for long and luckily she lives in a safe area however you never know. We have a sign next to the door saying 'LOCK THE DOOR'

So I was thinking something like a fridge alarm that makes a noise untill you shut it. Or does anybody know of any doors that can get fitted that are self locking?


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Jun 17, 2014
I don't think anything self-locking is a good idea for someone with dementia because they might instead start getting themselves locked out which is going to be even more problematic and distressing than leaving the door open.

Have you looked into telecare? In the area I live in the company that operates this is called CareCall and you can have door sensors fitted. Usually they're used for notifying a warden/operator on the other end of the call system that someone is going out when they shouldn't be so they can call through and encourage the person to go back inside, however it may be possible to have them set up on a timer so that only happens if the door remains open? May be worth looking into.
Other people have looked at the fridge alarm type things but you have to remember that someone will need to be able to make the connection between the beeping and the door being open, so it depends what point they are at with their dementia.


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Feb 24, 2016
Hi! I recently found an alarm called a 'memo mate' which basically senses when someone is near where it has been placed and then plays back a pre-recorded message so you could set it to say 'please shut the front door' :)