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Door sensors


New member
Dec 2, 2019
I am new to the forum and it looks to be a great source of information.
My Dad has dementia (mid to late) with my Mum as his carer. They live at home together and my Mum is struggling with the increasing demands.
Mum is at home with him at all times. Unfortunately he has a tendency to wander and we are looking to see if we can install some kind of door sensors that would alert Mum when he opens the door. He has a tracker (though isn't great at keeping it on). The local authority came out to fit something but unfortunately the pager was very heavy and Mum didn't find this helpful. Ideally we are looking for something that just makes a sound when the door is opened.
If anyone has any experience or can make any suggestions that would be great!



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Feb 27, 2018
My mother had the local authority version (she wouldn't keep her tracker on either) so that is the only one I have experience of.

I am sure another member will have used the type of thing you want though. An alternative would be to have an alert mat under the interior doormat, so it alerted as he was about to open the door.


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
Something like either of these:


Fastening the two parts to the door and door frame so that they are near each other when the door is closed could be a problem. Think about using heavy duty double sided adhesive tape or contact adhesive. You may have to stick a block of wood/plastic (maybe shaped to fit) under one or both parts to achieve this. You can test how near they have to be before fixing them.


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Dec 20, 2009
Wembley, Middlesex
Has anyone advised you about trying to camouflage the front door. I know of some family carers who have installed a curtain on the front door, and during the night draw the curtains to cover the front door. The feedback I have got is it seems to work.
Hope this helps,