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Dont lose the plot, keep the threads


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Sep 20, 2006
I may have missed some of the earlier posts relating to inappropriate threads and technical breakdowns but think I may also have been a victim (or am still an ongoing one - time will tell). Responding to threads can take time, and it's frustrating after having compiled a long, thoughtful response (or new post) to find that the ISP (telephone connection) has been cut in the meantime. Reconnecting then results in a "You are not logged in" message, so I log in, repressing the "Submit" button then gives an "inappropriate thread" message and all my original content ready for input is lost. (While typing this I notice that my connection symbol has just gone off, which is where I now play crafty). If this has happened to you, you can still keep your original text fully intact, and submit it after you reconnect.
Before pressing the "Submit" button first time round, take a copy of your input. Simply press your bottom left hand key "Cntrl" hold it and press letter A. All your text will highlight. Now press your RIGHT mouse button, move arrow down to "Copy" and LEFT CLICK it. You now have a complete copy of input except for Title. Reconnect, log in (yes, you were totally disconnected), pick up the thread you were using (or new post if appropriate), and when this appears, type in your Title, go to text box, with a left click so cursor is flashing there, now RIGHT CLICK YOUR MOUSE and magically all the text you had painstaking entered first time round appears.
It took a long time to compile this, but I am now about to Cntrl A RIGHT CLICK which takes a couple of seconds. A minute longer to get connected and logged in and all this will appear exactly as input. See you in a mo.
The above was pasted with my right click. Took a little longer to get back because I was said to be in the Wrong Forum!
But it works. Sorry if it all sounds nerdish - if so then I'm an 82 year old nerd. You're never too young to learn.


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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
thanks willemm for sharing that tip. i agree it's extremely frustrating to spend ages composing a post only to then lose it. i found with TP (though not with several other discussion boards) that it seems to be possible to log in again, and then back page to the screen with the post you wrote, AND be logged in when you get there. it doesn't quite make sense to me, but it seems to be the case. very wise to take a copy of the post just in case though. :cool: