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Aug 25, 2003
gravesend, kent
Just wanted to say how disappointed I am with the Alzheimers Society themselves. In the 3 weeks leading up to my mum's funeral, I emailed them 3 times asking them for some literature I could give out to friends and family who wished to make donations in lieu of flowers. Having heard nothing, I telephoned them, someone had to look into my query and phone me back, I did then receive the literature required, but just a day before the funeral, too late to give them out. I sent them 3 personal cheques over 2 weeks ago, and had had no acknowledgement whatsover. I rung them last week, had to wait until the next day for someone to phone me back, who was under the impression I had sent 2 cheques. I told them no, I had sent 3. I am still waiting for an acknowledgement by post from them, together with, as I had requested, something I could send to the 3 people that gave me cheques, by way of a thank you and letting them know what their money would be used for. I wish now I had sent these 3 cheques to our local Alz and Dementia Support Services charity. Just wanted to share this with you as it has made me a trifle cross!


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Feb 13, 2004
Donations to Alzheimers

Hi Alison.

I have sent you a private message but on reading your posting felt I had to say that I'm interested to hear of your problems with donations. Like you, I asked people for donations instead of flowers and have £100. I intend to give this to my local Alzheimers Society to spend on local support for people. Thanks for the info.



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Feb 6, 2004
Fund Raising

Interesting to read your comments. I have to say when I have sent donations to the society even though only small I always had a letter of thanks. This Christmas instead of sending a usual donation I set about making hand made Christmas cards and selling them, this venture snowballed a little and I had to rope in my sister to help me. We ended up making £425 (£1 per card) which I intend to send to my local branch but I want to ask for it to be used in some way for early onset sufferers like my husband, but as our branch only launched in Nov I have been asked to hang on for a little. I think it is good to give locally and see the benefit. Only my thoughts.


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Feb 16, 2004
My sincere apologies


I apologise that the service you have received as been inadequate and unsupportive. I am the manager responsible for ensuring that donations are thanked in a timely manner and as importantly requests for donation materials are send to prospective supporters as soon as is possible.

Unfortunately due to staffing and technical problems my team and I are experiencing severe delays in responding to information requests and thanking donors. I assure you that the team and I are doing everything possible to resolve these issues to get our service back to an acceptable standard. I realise that these actions are too late for you but please be assured that I and the Alzheimer's Society are extremely grateful for donations from people like you.

If you would like to e-mail me ( ) your full address details I will personally ensure that all your donations have been processed and acknowledged.

Thank you for choosing to support the Alzheimer’s Society.

Dominic Woods
Supporter Care Manager