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DOLS Assessment


Registered User
Jul 20, 2015
My mum has vascular dementia and has physical disabilities including not being able to stand and walk so she has complex needs and has been in a care home for the last 19 months. The care home manager requested a DOLS because my mum keeps saying she wants to go home. The DOLS assessor upheld the decision that in her best interests my mum should remain at the care home and told me this some six weeks ago. The assessor phoned me today to tell me the LA is going to refer this to the Court of Protection now. Does anyone know if this is normal procedure?

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Does anyone know if this is normal procedure?
As your Mum is in a CH it is not normally necessary for a DoL to be referred to the CoP.

However there are circumstances where it has to be referred and that is if someone objects to it and with your Mum saying she wants to go home that may be the reason.

Sec 6 of the AgeUK FS62 explains it.........