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Doing exercises


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Jul 18, 2011
My mother, after her fall in June was referred to the Intermediate Care Team and she has had visits from the physio.

The physio went through the exercises on Wednesday and yesterday and today it was my turn to do them, under supervision.

Today mum refused point blank to cooperate, even in front of the physio. She's usually more cooperative and does her "sweet little old lady" act when there are strangers around. Not today.

She refused to un-cross her legs (which is bad enough for her in normal circumstances, let alone now she has oedema). She refused to lift her feet properly and rested one on top of the other. She moaned like hell. She got petulant. She whined.

I'm supposed to do them daily, I can now with confidence assert that she will not do them with me.

Any ideas how I can do this?

She doesn't like moving from her chair to the bed. She believes the bed and the bedroom are mine. She said she sleeps in the "other" room - her spare room which has no bed in it and shows no evidence whatsoever of having been slept in. I can most likely move the bed to the spare room, but then the same thing will happen with the bed. I've put her own bedding on the bed but she said she didn't recognise it. I had planned to go round each evening, do her exercises and then put her to bed, but if she doesn't recognise the bed as hers the first thing she'll do when I've gone is get up out of it back to her chair to sleep in that.

I'm waiting on the ICT to source a riser/recliner for her but then the same thing will happen, she will refuse to use it as it's not hers. She's absolutely knackered most days I go round, she can't possibly be getting proper sleep in her chair.


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Jan 5, 2014
I went through a phase with my mum when she refused to sleep on the bed and slept on her sofa. She got it into her head that the bed was uncomfortable. I only really solved it when she was in hospital for a bit and bought a new bed (cheap one) from argos the day she went back to her flat.

Doesn't help but just one of the never ending puzzles of dementia.