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Doesn't Do it Anymore!


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Jun 10, 2017

I used to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. It always gave me that little lift, but now, nothing! I can drink coffee at bedtime and drop off without any problem at all.

What is going on? Does coffee stimulate a particular part of the brain and is that particular part of my brain, now being effected by whatever is causing my dementia?

I suppose it could just be a case of becoming used to it. Coffee is a stimulant and like all stimulants, we can become accustomed to the dose. The brain becomes used to it and the amount of coffee we take becomes normalised. We can mentally and physically feel this loss and then start to craze for a cup of coffee. We then require more and more, to have the same impact!?

It could be I’ve gone off coffee!

Has anyone else noticed this?

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