Documenting my Father with Dementia

Spontaneous visits and thinking outside the box will help keep things stimulated between you and your loved one diagnosed with dementia. If the thought enters your mind or the feeling enters your heart it's important to act on it and not let the moment pass you by......because this will then start creating distance and a disconnection that could ultimately be irreversible....WATCH NOW!!

Im pushing the shopping cart in the laundry detergent aisle today at our local food store and my mobile phone rings. I see its the Veterans Senior Center calling. Im anticipating to hear a woman's voice. Instead of hearing the head nurse deliver some good or maybe bad news it's my Father on the other line and he says joyfully, "Hello"......I cant help but start laughing because while its great to hear him say "Hello" it's a relief to know everything is ok and he just wanted to talk to his son.

Today his memory seemed sharper than usual and although he could not see me he seemed to know vividly who I am. No sooner after answering the phone I found myself in the middle of the supermarket singing along with my Father on speaker phone, "Love is a very splendid thing".....and "Im a Drifter".......and a few other jingles we both know. Was I getting stares or odd looks from strangers?......probably....but when your Father calls you and he remembers who you are nothing else matters. Now every time I am in the laundry detergent aisle I'm gonna think about the time he and I were singing in Shop Rite. Thanks for the phone call Dad.

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