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Doctor asking for DNR decision


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Jun 12, 2020
A DNR plan is just a contingency plan so it makes sense to consider it when an elderly person is in care of some kind. I was recently consulted by my mother's GP about this and I felt it was a good thing that this planning was in place.


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May 27, 2016
please understand a DNAR DOES NOT mean no treatment.

That is another issue completely sometimes a no treatment order is in place. This is palliative care only, this means someone is kept pain free and comfortable.

A DNAR means when the heart stops and someone dies they will not be forcibly brought back to life.
it really is not like you see on TV.

I have one in place, I am quite able, however taking age, health conditions into account I have decided for myself that if my heart stops that is my natural end in this life.
in the meantime I will enjoy life as it is with all its shades of colour.

until we accept our own death we cannot fully live, we live in fear.

we need to think about this on a personal level, that may make it kinder when thinking of others who may be frail.
Resuscitation is a skill that started in the 1960s, it is invaluable in certain circumstances on younger fitter people, but it is not a panacea.
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Nov 18, 2018
If he is hospital and there is no DNR, then they are legally obliged to carry out CPR if his heart stops. This is something I wanted to avoid with both mum and OH.
When Dad was in hospital,aged 97, the consultant told me they would not resuscitate him if the situation arose.


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Aug 30, 2020
Thank you for all your replies and they have been a great help. While I don’t feel I could have a meaningful conversation with my father about this now, it does seem important to let the GP know what mine and my sisters thoughts are. I am also fairly sure that when he had capacity, my dad would have agreed to a DNR at this point in his life. I also want to really make sure my children know my thought and wishes now for the future and that I get everything like POAs etc in order well in advance. It’s so important and I think we all need to think and plan ahead before it becomes too difficult and too emotive. Thanks all. This is such a useful forum.

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