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Do you like a EMI/Nursing Care Home in Manchester Area, please PM me.


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Mar 15, 2010
California, USA
PMs with ideas would be much appreciated.

Some background:
My sister and I care for our mother BUT I live in California and my sister lives in France. We get back to the UK 6 times a year to be with Mum. Mum has been self funding for 6 years, living in two homes owned by a large national chain. It seems incredible, because this chain is expensive, but we are currently paying extra to have snacks delivered to the home and a outside carer go to the home to make sure Mom eats them. Also, however many times we ask, the home does not provide Mom's weight by monthly email. We have to chase for it, currently we have been waiting a week for a reply on weight. Mum's ward, which is EMI Nursing has been without a charge nurse since last year. They hire, they leave, a temp comes in....and repeat!

There must be somewhere better than this, but when you are so far away, and we both work full time, it is very difficult to find it.

Hence our request for recommendations from people who have loved ones in EMI Nursing in the Manchester area.

Many thanks for reading,