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Do you have meal times at the same time for your mum /dad??

Canadian Joanne

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
My mother is in a nursing home, has been for 10 years and they have regular times for meals. It's very helpful to keep to a routine for a person with dementia. Routine is very important and can be comforting.


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Jan 3, 2013
I should have added that in this glorious weather hubby and I eat in the garden and MIL eats watching TV. We do invite her into the shaded garden but she refuses x


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Aug 29, 2011
when I visit my mother (in her own home) if I take some "lunch" from m&s which is on my way out of the station before I get a cab up the winding road to her...the sandwiches and cake usually get eaten by me and hers left for her as she aint hungry!..if I bring nowt she says what would you like for lunch?? since I order all her groceries there is always something but I can't bear to go through this as it is so normal/sad and from the past..she always pushed the boat out foodwise when I visited before and I cant face pretending now, one of the first signs of her dementia was her not providing lunch!!....so I often say we'll eat together on our bench outside (which she loves sitting on) next time I come....and having arrived at crack of dawn..9am.... I leave before her carer prepares her mid afternoon lunch...


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Jan 10, 2013
Mum and I eat at the same time, we also try and stick to the same time of day to eat as well.