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Do we need LPA?


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Jan 4, 2015
My Mum has no savings and has been assessed by SS as needing to go into a care home. They will pay up to a certain amount that will be reduced by the amount of her income less £23. Do I need to get an LPA before all this is set up? When she loses capacity who will make sure her financial affairs are in order? Will SS just take all her pensions straight from her bank account or will she have to set up SOs? This is all very hard because I live many hours away and have had problems contacting her SW to get answers, probably because everyone is using up annual leave before the end of March.

I have been told by SS to find her a care home nearer to me and they will negotiate costs with the home. If they can't get the price they want I will have to start again. One care home manager was surprised that I was getting no help from ss in finding homes. I must say that the local Age UK and my council's Social Care department have been good in getting lists of homes.


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Aug 30, 2013
Short answer is yes you do.
Both, health & welfare, and financial & property.



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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
If your Mum's only source of income is DWP pension and benefits and if she receives a qualifying benefit (one of which is Attendance Allowance) you could apply to handle her finances by becoming a DWP Appointee.

It's a free and simple process, you end up with a special bank account in your name into which the DWP pay all the moneys which you then spend on her behalf.

You can read about the process at