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DIY home monitor


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Apr 10, 2021

I have recently built a device to put in my parents home which has a motion sensor, temperature sensor and smoke alarm built in. It then monitors these and is able to send me an E-mail or text message if anything out of the ordinary occurs so I can investigate.
e.g. If my parent has not been detected moving around the area for several hours or if the central heating has stopped working or of course if the smoke alarm triggers.
I thought I would post it here in case of any interest/use to anyone else. It requires only very basic electronics/programming skills to build one and I think it is going to prove very handy to be able to log on to it any time of day/night and check if all looks ok.

Once my parents usual habits become apparent I will be able to program it to inform me of any change from these which may require investigation.

You can see more info here: github.com/alanesq/HouseMonitor

I would be happy to offer help/advise to anyone wishing to have a try building themselves one. The total cost of parts required is under £20
Being DIY built means it can be modified to your own requirements, e.g. add door sensors, doorbell sensor....


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Jun 12, 2020
I would say well done you. this is quite an achievement. Your £20 budget sounds incredibly small. Might we see a list of components? Do you have a basic system description?