Disturbing other residents


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Sep 1, 2005
jenniferpa said:
It sounds a lot like a fire door: even in commerical establishments where those have to be left unlocked for safety reasons, they are very frequently alarmed so that opening them results in a loud blaring alarm so that whoever has gone through them can be checked. I agree with Sylvia that this is totally unacceptable. Is there a body that oversees nursing homes in Italy? In your situation I would be complaining long and hard to anyone who would listen.
Right, it's like a fire door. The stupid thing is that when you are outside, you have to ring and waiting someone open the door. :(
The secure unit is on the first floor and... grandmother used the stairs to go down, walk in the hall, then in the "garden" and go out from the main gate... :eek:
Now she knows she can go outside using the door... and this is scaring for us!

We are thinking to give her a ring with name and phone number but we don't know if she will wear it...