Distraction Helps


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Feb 9, 2004
In my earlier topic (Advise Please) I spoke about what I have now had described to me a "Sundowning", where my mum seems to need a release of tension etc. Somebody in this forum mentioned a distraction. However, at these times we are not convinced that reading or the television is having an impact - there is just too much going on and my Mum just didn't seem to make any sense out of it all.

We believe that we have found something that does seem to be working - an adult colouring book. These are american colouring books, which we believe are aimed at adults. They are of birds, stained glass panels, costumes etc. My mum seems to find them ideal, it is a direction for her wandering attention, gives her hands something to work on and keeping within the lines gets her thinking. We now have the most multi coloured birds going. We have found that by telling her that she can do what she likes in the books with no restrictions, that nothing she does is wrong this seems to give her something to direct her attention to without having the stress of getting something wrong. Blue leaves, pink skies etc.

Although, she overheard my sister advising my dad that if any of the pens dry out (mum tends to leave the lids off), just to try dipping in in water - we came back to find all the pens immersed in a glass of water !!