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Discharged to GP care


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Dec 26, 2015
Dad has been discharged from memory clinic and back to GP for care re Alzheimer's. What should I expect from them. Will they do another MOCA . Last reading was 21/30 and that was in July 2014! They told me they don't use those readings. Will the GP not try to signpost me back to memory clinic. It's a merry go round system where no one is taking ownership

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Dec 26, 2015
I feel we've been pushed from one care team to the next. May I ask how they support you and your father ?

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Feb 27, 2015
The GP knows dad & I really well. He has multiple problems & she's knows about them all. I can email her & discsuss anything that's worrying me. The receptionists all know what's going on & they support us brilliantly.
Dad has vascular dementia so doesn't have any medication.


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Dec 11, 2013
Hi sue_ellen :)

It's a pain, isn't it? Memory clinics work differently according to where you live, but many do as yours has. That is, if a patient has no acute problems such as challenging behaviour, their care is referred back to their GP. This is what happened to my mum.

Like you I have felt very unsupported by the health services. Mum's GP actually told me there was nothing they could do, but "get back to us if you need us". Made no sense to me :mad:

Actually by far the best support has come from this forum, with a bit from local carers organisations. It's hard.

Some GPs are more helpful - I hope your dad's is one of those.

All the best :)

Lindy xx


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Dec 26, 2015
Thank you Lindy. You're so right. This forum has been amazing. Only found you all a few days ago.

I fear my GP will be a pile of poop in terms of helping.

Dad has diabetes too but they don't see the full picture which I find annoying. A diabetic with Alzheimer's is problematic in terms of remembering to eat

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Concerned J

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Jun 15, 2014
I took my Mum to the GP. She didn't want to prescribe anything for depression telling us to go back to Memory Clinic.
I phoned Memory clinic - they told me they only do initial diagnosis then it's up to GP !
Talk about going round in circles.
However the Memory Clinic did mention the Mental health (older persons) unit and hopefully we'll get to see them. We're in North London.


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Dec 26, 2015
We have an old peoples clinic too. But they're reluctant to help too.

Keep referring back to GP before they claim to be of any help. It's a newly funded project but when we could appreciate them their service is limited to initially helping (so you're on their radar) and then they become helpful when your loved one is in distress.

Feels like a tick box service.
As I said you all have given me so much support in the last week that I've had in the last 18mths

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Jul 20, 2011
Hi Sue Ellen
I know you have probably tried everything but our local carers cafe was an absolute lifeline for me with local information about what to access, what to avoid, how to get access to different things. If you have a local carers organisation then do give them a ring - they help with so many things including helping with forms

You are getting Attendance Allowance (non means tested aren't you?)

Anything local that you can link to will lead you to other things and that can only be good.

Lots of support on here too

Memory clinics are often not much use - seems to me that they are number crunching organisations

thinking of you xx


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Aug 24, 2013
To be honest Sue it the memory clinic disappeared tomorrow it wouldn't matter to me at all, in fact I'd welcome it. They (the memory clinic) say any other conditions are outside their area of expertise so won't take them into consideration or address them, so it's not like any kind of total care where a GP will look at all the whole picture and while she/he may not be an expert in any of them you're likely to get a more holistic approach to care.
Memory clinics are a "one trick pony" measuring AZ progression, GP's (or at any rate a good one) can be far more useful.
Measuring decline and putting pins in a chart may be informative, but is it actual help?


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Dec 26, 2015
@fizzie. I think you're right. Went to my local carers organisation and they put me on a therapy course called healios. Thoroughly recommend it.

Check their website www.healios.org.uk I had 8 free sessions and it gave me some pointers in regards to working out where my panic is and my fears about dad dying. Am worried about losing myself and having to juggle his care with a young family.

I know I'm not alone but knowing you guys makes me thankful

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