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disappointment / frustration with Coronation Street storyline


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Apr 16, 2006
I know they have limited time to devote to one storyline, and I know the story was probably successful in profile-raising of AD, but the pace of Mike's decline seemed almost indecent to me in that the speed removed the need to show the absolute despair of carers day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. It is so difficult to express the torture of watching someone you love decline day after day over a very long period of time. I feel that the storyline didn't show this at all, or only to a very limited extent - for understandable reasons - but distressing for this reason - anyone understand?


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May 27, 2005
Hi Susie... nice to meet you.

A lot of us have commented about Mike and 'Corrie' here:


I can understand where you are coming from and it certainly got me 'ggring'... but as someone pointed out to me - if it'd have 'dragged on' (not my words) people would have got fed up of it, and the die hard fans would have switched off.

I'd love to see it used properly as a vehicle for promotion, education and awareness... but at the end of the day it's an entertainment show...

If it did at least create some publicity and awareness then maybe it's done some good... hopefully anyone interested enough can come to this site for info.


P.S. I know there is an advertising campaign for the society... I've seen the ad. online but not on t.v. - has anyone seen it on television? Please let me know.


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Mar 7, 2004
Hello Susie, welcome to TP.

I think we had a "Corrie" thread running, and everyone will have different views on whether it was handled right or wrong.

Main thing was "awareness" reaching many more viewers than usual.
Even if they had spread the story out over 2/3 years, every case of dementia is different, and the same can be said of carers.

If you are caring on your own, that is somewhat different to being cared for by several members of the family....get my drift.

Anyway, glad that you found us, please post again soon, Connie


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Hi Susieb
Welcome to Talking Point
I agree with most of what you sayl
There is a thread on Corination Street,Dearth has given you address
I believe my posting on there summed it up.
Quote Norman
I do not believe that Corination Street is ,or indeed can, show the heartache and stress of the carer.
The family (Mike's) seem to be coping well and not showing much signs of distress.
I don't feel that Mike seems too unhappy,a little confused at times,I wish my wife could play draughts,I wish she could play anything that we could share.
It seems that Mike's demise is to be pretty quick,this of course will not show to the general public the years and years that many carers care for their loved ones before the final end.
The best that we can hope for is that Dementia is brought more to the notice of the general public,it said that any publicity is good publicity.

Louise Jones

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Apr 11, 2006
It felt like a slap in the face

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say something about about Mike in Coronation Street. I'm glad the programme acknowledge the disease as its not made aware enough in this country! but as a carer myself for the last 9 years until recently (my nana passed away) when Penny said in last night's airing that she couldn't cry because she'd done her grieving while seeing Mike suffer, that was like a real slap in the face! Mike only had Alzheimers for a couple of weeks, and I know its only a programme but it didn't really show what a carer goes through!!

My nanas funeral was two weeks ago and we got her a horse and carriage, it was beautiful but it brought back alot of memories.
I don't want to down on the programme too much because I'm glad they brought the subject to life but only the relatives of people who suffer with AD really know's what it feels like.

Ok I've had my moan! ha ha.

Louise x


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Apr 4, 2006
corrie's mike

i had trouble with our great grandson watching corrie, he is 10yrs old so we have told him about grandads AD and he is very good about it, but mike on corrie got him really upset he thought that granddad would go so fast and by the next week he would not know him (grandad gets reminded before he comes) anyway i came onto alzheimers site and downloaded the fact sheet on how to explain to kids, our lad is o.k. with it now so thankyou for fact sheets.


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Mar 13, 2006
i too like many others have posted a thread on the coronation street storyline, so forgive me for this "repeat"

My mum suffered brain damage due to a heart attack a year and a half ago this in turn has turned into dementia which was only diagnosed in february, the consultant said its a very rare form of dementia similar in its progression to cjd.
they gave her 12 months to live, on tuesday they narrowed it down to september.

so as in my last post i can only say that the plot is very similar to my mums illness, i do feel for every carer on TP my heart goes out to each and everyone of them and im going through everything theyve been or gone through only im having to do it in months not years, so these things can happen im sure i cant be the only one here who is in this position?

anyway just another side to look at
best wishes

Jodie Lucas

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Dec 3, 2005
mike baldwin

Have to agree with you susie. Was good that it rose awareness but the rapid decline of mikes character seemed to miss the point about the deteoration that occurs over many months and years in people with dementia

But the more the media raises awareness the better.