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Disabled Parking


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Sep 14, 2015
North East Lincolnshire
Occasionally I leave my husband in the car when I go into the shop. He has a habit of lifting the blue badge from the dashboard and either doesn't put it back or puts it back closed so the information isn't available. I am worried that I may find a ticket attached to my windscreen. I know you can't put it on your windscreen but thought I might attach it to my sun visor by elastic but didn't know if this was legal as its next to the windscreen.:confused:


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Sep 7, 2012
While I have often tempted fate by dashing in a shop for one thing, leaving my son in the car, parked in a disabled spot so he can see me, I do believe it's a misuse of the badge.

The badge holder should be leaving the vehicle.

Also, an awkward traffic warden could be pedantic as its specified that they should be displayed on the dashboard.

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Mar 24, 2012
I found this on the government site I hope it helps,

How to display
the badge
When using the parking concessions you
must display the badge on the dashboard
or facia panel, where it can be clearly read
through the front windscreen. If there is no
dashboard or facia panel in your vehicle,
you must still display the badge in a place
where it can be clearly read from outside the
vehicle. The front of the badge should face
upwards, showing the hologram. The side
showing the photograph should not be
visible through the windscreen.
You must also ensure that the details on
the front of the badge remain legible. If they
become unreadable through fading or wear
and tear, you must return the badge to your
local authority so they can issue you with a
new one. Displaying a badge that is illegible
may result in a parking fine.

Garnuft is right it should only be used if the disabled person is getting out of the car,
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