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direct payments


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Oct 7, 2015
Can any one offer an explanation as to how Direct payment figures are arrived at?

Is it a case of the number of carer visits deemed to be required multiplied by the cost of said visits though a care agency?

Is there anything else added on top of this do you know?

I ask because there is so much that we will need to do before mum comes home, the hospital will provide a bed and commode etc, but our bathroom will, I know,not be adequate for mums needs, I hoped that we could upgrade this using the direct payments budget, also mum will need a wheelchair (and probably loads of other stuff)

What are your experiences with this, is the direct payments budget ever enough for your needs?


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Jul 20, 2011
i don't know if this is any help

This might be helpful for disabled facilities

and your Occupational Therapist or social worker should be able to refer you for a wheelchair although often the waiting list is long so check it out with them

I hope this is helpful but you will probs need to talk to your social worker about the details as again councils work in different ways.

have you not had an assessment at home to sort out wheelchairs, ramps, rails etc etc? if not then I should definitely speak to the social worker


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Jul 20, 2011
The hospital social worker is the probably the place to start or whoever arranged the bed and commode (Occupational Therapy?_)


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Jul 13, 2014
I get direct payments for mum, it is for care only, the other things need to be arranged separately but your social worker should put you in touch with the right people. direct payments are calculated according to how many hours per day/week care are funded and this gives a yearly total which is paid in 2 weekly instalments from our Council. 6 weeks respite is included in the annual figure. You will need a separate bank account for the payments to go to and keep record of invoices paid out to agencies etc.

little shettie

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Nov 10, 2009
I get DP payments for mum and was told they could only be used to pay for care/sitting service. Mum needs an hour a day care 7 days a week and we also get 6 hours a week for sitting. There was an almighty muck up when we first applied for this and I ended up complaining as the forms got lost, there was horrendous issues all at SS and after I did complain, I got a lump sum backdated!! Feels like I have complained about everything to do with mum and care!! I opened a separate bank account and the money is paid in monthly. The care agency I now use are pretty good and we are happy with the carer we have, but they charge about £5 more per hour than we get but due to the backdated sum we received and the fact we didnt' get care set up for some time, we still have funds to pay it but care money and sitting money if you get it, must be used only for that. You can't mix the two. I have to show bank statements and invoices from care agency to my social worker whenever she asks. I have found some private carers too and they provide an invoice and they sort there tax etc out so its quite simple process. I asked about help with converting room for mum in our house but we were turned down as mum didn't fit the criteria!