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Direct payments


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Oct 25, 2014
Hi all,

Me again looking for help and support as I don't seem to be getting it from anywhere else.

I'm at the end of my tether with my mum's soical worker, I did post something a while ago and I'm still having difficulties with her, I'm finally made the step to ask for her to be de allocated. That was only a few days so I'm not expecting it to happen this side of Christmas.

I would like to know if anyone has any experience or knowledge about direct payments, I've got the bank account set up pay work has been signed FAB assessment completed. As care is already being paid by me self for my mum's night care do I have to send off the invoices in order to receive the money or does the money come first then send invoices off to start payment automatically. From last meeting with soils worker she said she was waiting for FAB assessment to be process's and to find out if any monies were going to be back dated as at the time I had been paying for the night care for 4 months. I've heard nothing from her emailed phoned nothing.

Also does anyone have private PA'S or carers that thru employ if so, how easy is it?do you have to provide on going training CRBS what about national insurance or tax are they responsible for it or would it be me...

Many apologies for the amount of questions I'm just so worried about money we live on the bread line as it is. My savings are quickly running out..If anyone out there had the time to be able to help me I would be eternally great full.

Many thanks for reading #carerssupportingcarers



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Jan 29, 2009
Hi Emz, such a worry for you. I know there are regular posters on TP that use direct payments so I am replying as that will push your thread up the list of latest posts. ☺


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Jan 9, 2014
Hi Emz
I have Direct Payments set up for my Mum. Where we are it works that the SS contacted the care agency I use, worked out how much care will cost per month and will send me in advance the money to cover monthly costs. At the beginning the care agency had to wait for their money as the SS were 2 months behind. The SS contacted the care agency and told them the money was coming into my Mums account but there was a delay. The care agency accepted that. I also insisted (with a bit of a fight) that my Mums fees were back dated to the day that the SS were first contacted. The SS did try to say that she would only be reimbursed from the day they got the paperwork sorted out! I argued that because of their delays and massive inefficiency my Mum was having to suffer! They eventually agreed I was right.
It took from April to September to sort out ... But it seems to be working now. Good luck.