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Difficult Choices


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Mar 8, 2008
Hi, my Dad has dementia at 48 this is a mjor problem, and is rapidly going down hill. So far today we have had teh crisis team out from social services and no looking at having him sectioned as he has become agressive and very possesive of my mum. Our lives revolve around his whims and moods, so are begining to think that he needs more care than we can give at home, he walks out when he doesnt understand or doesnt get his way.

There is lots of support for older people but very little for someone my Dad's age or mine. Any advice as to how to find suitable care would be a appreciated.



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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Becks and welcome to Talking Point.

Very sorry to hear of your circumstances, but I wonder if you can tell us more?

How long ago was your Dad diagnosed?

How long before that was it apparent something was wrong?

Do you know if the diagnosis is Alzheimer's or Vascular or ???

What medication has he been prescribed?

If we know a bit more we may be able to suggest some things to try


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Mar 8, 2008
we finally got a more important diagnosis than just memeory problems about 2 years ago but has had problems for about 5. At first it was thought to be huntingtons as his dad died in a mental institution around a similar age. He was tested and shown to be clear. We have no firm diagnosis, so cant give it a name and therefore help is not the easiest to obtain. He takes tablets in the morning for depression (sometimes, when mum can persuade him) and on a night for jerks(invluntary movements)(these appear to help alot as without them he is unbearable.

We are suffering at the moment with his suspcions that we are out to get him,we tell nothing but lies and have secrets and there is nothing wrong with him. His clinical pycologigist dischrged him as he no longer registers on there various testing methods(animal names, verbal, memroy paths, IQ adn a number of others with fancy names).

Sorry for the long reply



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Jun 27, 2006
Hi Becks and welcome to Talking Point. Are you saying that because your father is scoring so low on these various tests you no longer have a consultant for him? Because if so, that's iniquitous. Who is prescribing for him?

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