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Dec 19, 2014
My husband who is 52 has been suffering from some form of dementia for the last two years but we have had no concrete diagnosis even following MRI, CT, Lumber and all blood tests. He had a SPECT scan about 4 weeks ago and tomorrow is the day for the follow up. I am feeling very scared as part of me wants the truth but the other doesn't want to know as it makes it so final. I am worried about the outcome because at the moment my husband thinks that they are going to give him tablets which will make him all better and talks about driving again and working and when we are told tomorrow I fear it will take away all his hope. The only thing they have told us is that it is something rare and they may even not be able to tell us what it is. I know you are going through this nightmare but have you had similar to this?


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Aug 24, 2013
Hi Fenton
Good luck tomorrow.
My wife had all the tests, scans, SPECT and in the end they diagnosed it as an "atypical mixed form of Alzheimer's" which really doesn't tell you much. My way of thinking is it doesn't much matter what it's called (and I know not everyone feels that way), but what matters to me are the realities I have to deal with and I can't see any benefit in knowing whether it's the ACB form or the XYZ form of the disease, whatever the name it doesn't change the reality of dealing with it.
I think if they can't be specific you may get a general vague diagnosis like my wife did either way I don't think they'll be offering anything other than the usual medication.
Once you do or don't know then it's focusing on the future that becomes important and for me knowing "the name of the beast" isn't the issue it's how to tackle it that matters.


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Dec 19, 2014
Thank you. Yes I see what you mean - that is very true. I suppose it will just be the case of seeing if the medication does help a bit for a while.

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