Diagnosis today.


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Mar 23, 2006
Today was the long awaited consultation with the phsyciatric consultant. Prior to us attending we had been sent a form for James to complete with family history etc. I deliberately let him complete it without any assistance from myself...hard to do nowadays as he relies on me totally for all form filling,banking etc.
The consultation started ok and James was on top form I was beginning to think we would be sent away with "Minor memory problems"the way the interview was going. Eventually I asked the consultant to read James's form as it gave a truer picture of the problems he was having. She soon discovered what I meant..his writing is very scrawly and uneven (THis from a semi professional artist and calligrapher who can no longer paint.) He misses vowels from words and from his answers she could tell he didn't understand the question.....the medical history bit where he said he had had a Hysterectomy clinched it!! ( He was thinking of his Daughter who had a Hysterectomy last year. ) I was asked to leave the room whilst she did a mmse test. The consultants face when she called me back into the room said it all. James test results were as bad as someone who is near the end stage of Alzheimers disease. She went on to say that the test was only a tool and together with what she observed and his history she felt he was in the middle stages of the disease but his speach and thought processes were affected more than usual for this mid stage ( I hope this is making sense)
She sent us for an ECG and will see us again in two weeks when we come back from Holiday. She will then explain about the medication and said she would arrange appointments with the memory clinic and someone will also come to see James at home to carry out more tests. We are both absolutely shattered but strange to say somewhat releived to have a diagnosis... we can now move forward and plan our lives James now sees that I shall need extra help as well if I am to give him the time and attention he needs ( I am partially disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis and angina )he also says he will go to a day centre to give me a break ...that is more than I had hoped for. THere are still many questions I have but I am thankful for finding this site and feel sure the TP members will help- with the answers. Thanks for "listening"



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Mar 7, 2004
Jude, just picked up on your comment that James is willing to go to a day centre to give you a break.

If this can be arranged it is a good idea. I have found from experience that when they feel they are taking charge of some aspect of the illness it helps.

I am so sorry about the diagnosis, but now you know you have to start rebuilding your lives, whilst you can still do certain things. Don't stop anything until you absolutely have to. I am always amazed how much Lionel managed to do with my help in the first two years after being diagnosed.

My love to you both,


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Jude,
At least you and James now know what you are dealing with. Enjoy your holiday, are you going somewhere nice?
Besr wishes


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Feb 17, 2006
THere are still many questions I have but I am thankful for finding this site and feel sure the TP members will help- with the answers.
I only Joined not long ago ,TP has been a great help & I feel it has given me peace of mind, that I am not alone, as in sharing my worries about mum , have a lovely holiday & it was so lovely to read ,(bless him )when your husband said he go to day centre