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Jul 3, 2005
I've posted before on the following topic but a while ago and when things were at a different stage. I was worried about the activities of the Enduring Power of Attorneys for my aunt. I have now put my complaints in writing to the Public Guardianship Office and so far have got nowhere. I know they are misusing her money and do not give a damn about her. She is well-off but lives like a pauper, while they pay airfares for relatives to come from the North America, supposedly to visit her. However, these relatives spend as little time with her as they can get away and sightsee/go out without her and do not include her at all. The Guardianship Office gave permission to pay their fares!! I phoned the Public Guardianship Office and was told they would phone me back in half an hour. No-one phoned. When I phoned again I was told the caseworker had been changed -- yet again. I spoke with the new caseworker who seemed to have no idea about the details of the case. I've been trying to do something for 8 months. The standard of care my aunt receives, though kindly, is minimal and many of her needs are unmet. Meanwhile her money is being spent but not on her. I feel so very angry and downhearted about it all. My aunt has become so vulnerable and I can't seem to make any headway or get the Public Guardianship Office to listen and do something. Meanwhile the Attorneys gloss over and fabricate. Her money is spent while she drinks out of chipped cups and wears tights with wholes in them; this evening I had to throw out from her fridge 6 month out of date (May 2006) butter and cheese. I had assumed these were in date until I opened a packet to see it covered in mould!