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Deputyship query re joint accounts


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Jun 13, 2019
I wonder if someone can help me please? My MIL is currently in hospital with unresolved delirium 10 days post op for hip fracture. She has no mental capacity at present. I understand that the delirium may or may not resolve and am trying to plan for the worst case scenario as well as the best.

If the delirium doesn't resolve we will have to apply for deputyship via the CoP. (They refused to have LPAs). My FIL wouldn't be able to cope with being the deputy.

If either me or my partner were to apply for and become her deputy, what access would we get to her joint account? How would this work in practice?


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
If someone is granted CoP deputyship they have to submit a detailed financial report every year and account, literally, for every penny. I really dont think that this will be possible with a joint account, so I think you would have to separate your MIL and FILs finances. You can use the deputyship to open an account for your MIL. This account will also have your name on it stating that it is a deputy account. You will get a cheque book and card that you can use yourself for her and get the statements sent to you. You will need to have the statements so that you can fill in the annual report.

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