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Deputy Bond Services


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Apr 17, 2015
Anybody who is a Deputy for a person with dementia will be familiar with the above. It's an annual insurance premium paid on behalf of a dementia patient by the Deputy (from the patient's finances), to cover the event that the Deputy fails to carry out their duties. My invoices would run from August to August. My mum died in November last year. My deputyship role ended on that date. From then on I was dealing with a different sort of admin that arose with my mum's death. I did the 'tell all' government thing at the registary office, which was very useful, and dealt with the organisations that weren't involved in that. To be honest, having the responsibility of deputyship isn't something I'd wish on anybody, but knew I was the one who should do it. Then, when that ended, I had to start dealing with being my mum's executor.

A few months after my mum died I got another invoice from the DBS for £78. That must have been to cover an extra period after the previous August payment. Obviously I'd frozen my mum's accounts, but that wasn't a problem. The bill was paid. Today I checked my emails and saw one from the DBS. They were asking for the annual premium. As I said, I haven't been a Deputy since 2019. There was a line in the email that mentioned, ' Please also note that information provided to the Court or the Office of the Public Guardian may not yet have been passed to us '.

I'm sorry for having a rant, but I was so annoyed that this invoice was sent to me. There's no excuse for it happening. My mum died in November last year; in July of this year they're sending me a new invoice. They sent me a final invoice for an extra £78 in January of this year, so obviously they've had the information passed on that the person under the care of of the Court of Protection has died. This didn't upset me, it just infuriated me, but obviously there will be people this may happen to who will be set back by it.


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Apr 17, 2015
Realise nobody's responded to my message; but updating with the information that, when i tried to get in touch with the DBS the link to their website wasn't recognised by Gmail, and a phone call just led to a long ring out, and then a recorded message saying, 'if you want a quicker response', email them at the address that wasn't recognised by Google. So, at the moment, I'm responsible for paying a few hundred pounds to the DBS to insure a dead person. I don't know how to get out of this, as i can't speak to somebody on the phone, and the email link isn't recognised.


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
Sorry about your treatment by DBS.
I may be able to help with the email

The address is valid

however it is also greylisted


which means that, if when checking for spam, it doesn't like your server it will apply a temporary block, as suggested try again in 5 minutes, if still failing try in a further minute.

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Apr 17, 2015
Thanks so much, nitram and shedrech. I think I've been able to send off an email today, although the automatic response says, 'Unfortunately we are experiencing access problems with our phone lines and therefore are unable to accept or make any calls. ... We will respond to your enquiry as soon as we are able to', and they're 'working remotely from home'. The emailed invoice I was responding to had the address enquiries@deputybondservices.co.uk, and I clicked on that link in the email. I did check, as much as I could, that the email seemed genuine. I emailed back that my mum died in November 2019 and the OPG were informed. I also mentioned that they must have this on record, as I'd been sent a final bill in January this year.

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