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depression loss grief?


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Aug 5, 2014
Kendal Cumbria

My father sadly passed away in June. Mum has done fairly well up until now, but I think she is suffering from depression bought on by grief. She seems lethargic, looses interest in things, says she is 84 and has "done everything now." or "whats the point" or if we are chatting she says glibly "if I live that long" she sighs a lot and is easily agitated and anxious.
But she is already on medications for other health issues (her health has been poor recently also) Im not sure MORE meds would be a good idea

How can I help give her reasons to live, a purpose, things to look forward to and be interested in. Her sight is poor and she is registered disabled with poor mobility.


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Jul 20, 2011
Sorry to hear that she is suffering. I'm not sure that people always want positive when they are feeling bereft, sometimes it's just good to be able to talk and cry.
Is there a Cruse bereavement group near you/her - sometimes being in a group with others who have lost someone really helps. When my husband died I was offered group counselling at our Hospice and it made a huge difference to me, just to sit and have coffee with others who understood If you google bereavement groups then you may find something local xxx