Denied Carer's Allowance


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Jun 11, 2008
Dear friends

Below is part of the letter I have sent to my MP, for all the good it will do. It repeats some of my original posting but keeps it all in context. If I get no help from the MP then I will take it further, not just for my own cause but also to help highlight the inadequacies of the system when it comes to helping Carers to care!

On 20th Feb 2008 I returned to Kent after over 2 years service in the remote bush of S Africa as a volunteer aid-worker working with AIDS affected orphans and vulnerable children with a British NGO.

I returned because of the declining health of my mother.

I gave up my career with the NHS (National Blood Service) and sold my posessions to raise the funds to get to S Africa.
On my return, although living in lodgings and seeking a permanent home for myself (I am a single person)
I was able to secure a wonderful full time job in The Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury.

My 83 year old mother died suddenly on 24th May leaving my father of 86 who has severe Alzheimers.He cannot be left alone.

To save him having to go into an EMI nursing home, I have very reluctantly given up my new job and moved into his one bedroomed Sheltered Accommodation flat in Lyminge while we are on the waiting list for a 2 bed roomed.

I am prepared to live frugally on Carer's Allowance with a top up from Income Support as I am used to living with a reduced income in S Africa.

However, this morning I have received a letter from the DWP to say that my claim for Carer's Allowance has been refused.

The reason stated is that I have not been in Great Britain for at least 26 out of the last 52 weeks.

I have phoned them and they have told me I can appeal but that this is the Governments ruling.

I have phoned Income Support who were also appalled at this decision. They told me they will still give me Income Support, but because I will not be claiming Carer's Allowance it will be£27.75 a week less than if I was claiming Carers Allowance.

With C.All. my income would have been £88.25 a week.
Now it will be only £60.50 a week.

In 13 weeks I can claim and receive Carers Allowance but that is a long time off and I have to live now. I will lose nearly £400 altogether.
I have no savings and no other income now I have left my job.
My father has only his pension and Attendance Allowance.

My willingness to take on full time care of my severely demented father means I am saving the Government an awful lot of money in paid Carers and a specialised, EMI Nursing Home, yet I am being penalised for being out of the country doing charity work for no income. It was not a holiday!Even if it was, what difference could it possibly make to my legitimate claim for this small financial assistance?

I could appeal this decision but I am sure it will come back as "Government policy", no one looks at individual circumstances.

Carer's Allowance is very meagre anyway as it is not seen as a job, even though it is a 24 hour, 7 days a week job but to be refused even this Allowance to care for my dad is just too awful. It is insulting.


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Feb 17, 2006
but to be refused even this Allowance to care for my dad is just too awful. It is insulting.
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It sure is insulting . Sorry to read this is happening to you in this day and age when they talk about about how they trying to improve the life of the carer .


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Apr 26, 2006
TLJ. I am sorry but I can offer nothing but sympathy.

I have been struggling for 6 mths to get Direct Payments for my wife. I also have written to MP's, Local Councils and everybody I can lay my hands on. I am still trying to date.

It appals me that a lot of my time seems to be taken up contacting the powers that be trying to raise what is actually about 1% of the costs of placing my wife in a Nursing Home.

The whole system needs updating, multiple layers of management need to be cut out.

Put simply, the ability to cheat the system seems to be removed in the case of dementia patients and their carers.

Either someone has dementia or they have not.

If they have dementia, their carers should have immediate access to all the, I use the word advisedly, benefits that are available from a central source.

At present we apply to the DWP, the Local Council, the Primary Care Trusts, the Social Services and any charities that happen to be able to offer assistance.

Each of the above applies it's own rules and, on many occasions, applies the same rules differently to the same set of circumstances.

I am sorry that you have met with the CSW (Carers Stonewall) and
I genuinely hope that some one on TP can offer a little more than the sympathy I have.


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
I can offer sympathy......

But not much else..I'm afraid......sorry....:(

TLJ..I empathise with your situation...

Keep appealing is all I can suggest...make yourself a nuisance...

Today apparently a new strategy for Dementia has been launched by the government....:rolleyes:
So you may be listened to...

I gave up work at the beginning of the year to care for my husband with Alzheimers/Vascular Dementia.
I've been advised it's time I took a break..and had some respite.
We have limited funds..but too much money to qualify for any compensation towards respite care.
I gave up a highly paid job to care for my husband ..and receive just over £50 weekly.
Appropriate respite care will cost approx. £600 weekly..and that is for organising it myself..

The system is wrong...

Keep challenging the system is all I can say..

Wishing you gigi xx

Linda Mc

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Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
You might be interested in this I received today but not sure if I am allowed to post it here:confused: I should point out this is for all carers no matter what the illness is of the person they are caring for.


As you may already be aware, a large protest is being planned, by carers, in response to the lack of practical and financial help by the government.
We are planning a Protest in London and as many towns and cities as possible, all at the same time, to enable as many carers as possible to participate.
Most of the comments regarding the protest can be viewed on the CUK forum
We want to reach as many carers as possible and were wondering if you could inform your members of what is being planned. It would be most helpful if you could see how many would like to join in and if your centre could be a base for carers to discuss this, put forward their ideas and be the central point for the carers in your area.
Please feel free to e-mail me with any queries you may have regarding this and hope to hear from you soon.

Tony Dennis
Carers voice


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Jun 11, 2008
Kent matter can count me in on the London protest!!!

I was considering dressing up as as Wonder Woman or something and climbing on the roof of the Minister for Health....(kidding......or am I?)

I know I am new to caring like this, but I do think it's time voices were heard. Sometimes you have to shout.

Thank you all for your comments.

Let's go and demo!

Tender Face

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
The reason stated is that I have not been in Great Britain for at least 26 out of the last 52 weeks.
Dear TLJ ... much like others, mostly sympathy and no real practical ideas ... just a thought - could Carer's Allowance not be claimed on the basis of the person being cared for? Is dad on highest rate Attendance Allowance and could that be used to boost your (joint) income?

I know when I told someone recently mum would not qualify for Continuing Care from the NHS they raised the point that for many years my parents had paid into and used BUPA for all their health needs - never drawing on the NHS and probably saving the NHS £100,000s of pounds ... it doesn't seem to matter what we have paid for or forfeited in the past .......:(

I totally agree - it is downright insulting to us as carers and those we care for ..... . Not that that's much practical help to you,:eek:

Love, Karen, x

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Linda

, a large protest is being planned, by carers, in response to the lack of practical and financial help by the government.
As I am unable to join this protest in London, I wrote to my MP and to Ivan Lewis.

I received a reply from my MP this morning offering Quote `some sympathy` and enclosing a 28 page summary of a Government document `Carers at the heart of 21st. century families and communities` Sub headed `A caring systemon your side. A life of your own`

I will try to make some time to read it.


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Nov 23, 2007
Dear Silvia.

I shall try to make some time to read it.

Do not waste your time:(
Love to you and DhirenXX


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Jun 11, 2008
add insult to injury

I have been in floods of tears this afternoon.
I rang Income Support (the same number I rang last week after finding out I won't get Carer's Allowance - they told me I would still get Income Support but it would be less now. They would readjust the claim) I was trying to find out when I am likely to get some money through to live on.
The very unhelpful girl, at the same office, tells me there is no record of me ever having applied for Income Support and there is nothing to be done except apply from the beginning again.
I was sitting there with the letter THEY had sent me of the copy of my original application.
I was expecting to get Income Support from the date I applied and have it backdated. I am concerned that if I apply again I will lose these prescious weeks money.
It is bad enough having to leave my full time job to care for my dad, I don't want to apply for any benefits at all but have no choice.
I spent an hour on the phone to the Income Support office when they filled in my original application I have to do it all over again.
On top of just losing my mum and learning to care for dad, this is all too much.
I have £15 in the bank! I have done everything I am supposed to do.


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Feb 17, 2006
The very unhelpful girl, at the same office, tells me there is no record of me ever having applied for Income Support and there is nothing to be done except apply from the beginning again.

That happen to me when I came over from Gibraltar , but you can apply for a crises loan you can phone them . The phone lines are always busy, but if you don't ask for a crises loan they think you don't really need the money , have other means to keep you going till income support sorted out .

They ask you can you not borrow the money from someone else , Just say No and they give you the money the same day .

about income support They also have to do an ID check on you , they make an appointment visiting where you live .

It take a very long time for them to hand over any money, but they back date it from the day you made your claim
your problem sounds very complicated and you need expert advice.
Like Norman said his right

if I would make an appointment with your local citizen advise, they taking the Pi$$

when I came from Gibraltar I also did not get all my carer allowance , because doctor had sigh me of work for a year so I got another benefit from my Nataniel insurance contribution . so only got part of my carer allowance something called underlaying carer allowance
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