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Feb 7, 2015
My Aunt had a suspected seizure on Xmas day and was admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with aspirated pneumonia. She was given O2 as her oxygen levels were low and broad spectrum antibiotics but the hospital deemed it not worth doing more. She returned to the nursing home and picked back up a little although she had deteriorated.
In the last week she has developed a chesty cough, lost her appetite or not remembering how to eat properly, reduced her fluid intake and is very sleepy. Doc saw her on Thurs and says it's just deterioration. Her O2 level today was back to the level when she was in hospital.
I'm aware this is potentially the end but my mom doesn't seem to understand that they aren't going to treat her with more than basics. I gave her an update and her responses were have they got her on O2, I assume they are making her drink, they need to give stronger antibiotics. She visits every few weeks whereby I am there every week at least twice.
This is hard enough without having to try to explain they aren't going to treat her and to accept that this may be the end.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello @Gem101

Could you tell your mum your Aunt isn`t responding to any medication perhaps because her body is shutting down.

If your mum is still unable to understand , it might help if one of the doctors had a word with her on her next visit.


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Jul 16, 2019
Hi @Gem101, sorry to hear about your situation. As you indicate in the title of your post it sounds like Mum is in denial, sometimes that is how people have to deal with it. You have gently tried to explain to Mum and you really can't do anymore than that. As @Grannie G suggests you could ask the nurses to explain the situation to Mum. Ultimately if having that belief that your Aunt may recover is important to Mum (and you have explained the situation) perhaps just nod and agree with her. All the best.

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