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Sep 1, 2015
North London, Edgware

Hi I'm Jenny, I am seriously worried/stressed about my nan who I think has got dementia because I quickly pick up the signs of it.
Pleased for advised about it as soon as possible.
I'm so worried about it because my nan does my Mum stressed because my nan follow my mum around the house.
I'm person who has special needs and we keep on telling her that she should see her doctor about the sign of dementia I really think that she has got the sign of it.
Because sometimes she has get a lot of memory loss and than blaming some of our family members but the only thing is they didn't even do nothing to her.
Like me and my Mum are on anti-depressions pills for our anxiety.
I'm autistic my Mum have to care for me because of my medication conditions and my Mum can not care for my nan.
Like we are trying to get her to understanding to get two wireless house phones and she is not having any of it.
Please advised about it and I just don't know what to do with her at all.


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Aug 24, 2013
Hi Jenny, welcome to TP
You need to get your nan to see her GP, if she won't go of her own accord then you could get an appointment with the GP, explain your concerns and see if they would write to her and ask her to come in for a "well woman check up" or something like that, they could then do an assessment. While she may not make an appointment of her own accord if she was asked to go in she might be more inclined to go along with it.
They'll then do some tests because her issues may be down to any number of things many of which are treatable, some like thyroid just take some tablets and you get better, others harder to treat but recoverable.
If you contact your local social services and ask them to do an assessment of her saying she is a "vulnerable adult" they have to do the assessment and take into account the problems you and your mum have.
Once you've found out if it is Alzheimer's (and it may not be) then the more social services can do for you, but you need to get on the radar so give them a call/e-mail or whatever, go and look on you local council's website and see what they have on offer then take it from there.
That and keep posting there's a lot of us on here ready to listen and help.