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May 15, 2008
Hi wrote on your forem yesturday but have not yet received a reply from anyone. Help as i am new to this and just want to talk to someone.


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Nov 23, 2007

You did have replies, please check. Everyone is here to help. Ask as many question as you want.
Barb & Ron


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Sep 16, 2005
A bit of an intro to ATP

Hi Jackie,

My father is almost 64 and he's had dementia for the past 11 yrs. When dementia happens at a young age it is called early onset dementia..but I'm guessing that you probably already know that.
The term "younger onset dementia" is usually used to describe any form of dementia diagnosed in people under the age of 65.
Anyways you haven't said how old you are is, but I'm guessing that if Dad is 61 then you are likely to be quite young yourself too, either way you may find the Younger people with Dementia section helpful too.
There is a very long thread there called 'Anyone in their 30s dealing with a parent who has been diagnosed with AD?' ( )and it might be a useful starting point to see the experiences of others. Some of these threads refer to AD (Alzheimers Disease) but most of us post no matter what time of dementia it is, as we seem to go through similar experiences nonetheless, although nearly everyone's experience is unique in its own way.
If you are looking for answers or help, then I advise asking a specific question, i.e. My father is angry all of the time, what can I do?, I need help how do I access government aid? Often we don't have all the answers for the behavioural questions as this is a very hard disease to deal with, but we can empathise and suggest how we got through similar situations.
Other times you may just want to vent, and that is perfectly normal on here. This disease causes a lot of conflicting feelings, of sadness, anger, guilt, loss, confusion, you might be frustrated with the lack of help available, worried about how your other family members are coping (especially your other parent if they are still in the picture), you might be upset about how other people react or don't understand, you might be feeling guilty about your own feelings and behaviours because sometimes its just so hard to do what you think is the right thing. Sometimes instead of bottling it up, it helps to put your feelings in a post and then often before you know it others post in reply and you realise you are not alone in this and that is a tremendous relief.
Anyways I hope this post helps you to be able to get more of the support you are looking for. I will post a copy of it on your other thread too, in case you are having troubles finding our responses.
Good luck and hopefully this site will hope marvellously, it did me.