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Dementia with Dentures


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Apr 18, 2014
Dear All,

In addition to the other problem I posted about today, I have the added concern that mum's speech seems to have altered slightly. I wonder if it's in any way connected to her dentures and their upkeep - something I know nothing about and something she was always super private about.

I want to take her to the dentist but am dreading what might come of it. I'm struggling as it is; it's hard enough getting her to wash or change clothes. Does anyone else deal with this (dental issues) and how?

We can't do everything, can we?



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Mar 28, 2015
My Mum put her plate in wrong and I had to take her for an emergency appointment as we couldn't get them out again, they were stuck fast and she couldn't talk properly!

As people age their gums shrink back so it's possible her dentures just don't fit like they used to. If so it's likely to mean she needs a new set I'm afraid.