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Dementia Village


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Nov 3, 2015

I have recently registered on 'Alzheimer's Society - Talking Point'. Having had relatives who suffer from dementia has enabled me to sympathize and attempt to make the lives of those who are suffering, and their respective family or friends, 'better'. There's a campaign called 'Envision' which aspires to have the public become aware of multiple issues in society. Through popular choice, we have decided to assist those with dementia and Alzheimer's Society consequently. Hopefully this post provides benefit to all.

An initiative has been launched which uses a petition online as its medium for addressing growing concerns involving Alzheimer's. Below is the website which details all the effects of dementia and the necessary aims taken to tackle it: There is handling of sensitive information so please be aware. (Google the site if you need to). I've already signed and participated, and will continue furthering this campaign.

It's on the 'change.org' site and through searching 'Dementia Village' you'll find it.
It should say 'Dementia affects over 850,000 in the UK...'

Thank you and kind regards. If you can feedback on it, it would be amazing. Share it with as many people as possible. If there are enough signatures, (100,000), it can be debated through parliament! Maybe you can even suggest ideas of your own to aid your endeavors :) We need to help everyone suffering with dementia ultimately.

Please tell me if you've signed it and what you think of it! Thank you again.