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    Dementia Together magazine features the latest news, features, tips and advice for carers and people with dementia, book reviews, updates on dementia research and articles highlighting good practice in dementia care, plus readers' letters.


    Here are a few of the articles from this month:

    Life's rich tapestry: 'I want support, not sympathy'
    As he tackles both bereavement and dementia, Nicky Stephens remains determined to maintain an active lifestyle

    Time to talk: 'Be open and tell them'
    Having received strong family support after his wife developed dementia, Pratap Sanghrajka advises others to be open about their needs

    Better in a crisis: Less stressful ambulance call-outs
    The Welsh ambulance service are working with people affected by dementia to improve their experiences

    Love to move: Enjoying company and activities
    A seated gymnastics class that's helping thinking skills, balance and co-ordination

    Side by bedside: Supporting people with dementia in hospitals
    A Dementia Friend in Northern Ireland talks about volunteering for Side by Side in an unusual setting

    You can read the rest of the articles or download a copy >here<


    To receive your copy of each new Dementia Together magazine in the post, please visit their website page >here< or call 0330 333 0804 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm).

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    What did you think of this month's articles? Were there any that particularly caught your eye, or that you learned a lot from? The magazine team would love to hear your thoughts - you can either comment on this thread, or email

    Thanks everyone :)
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    Feb 19, 2009
    Torquay Devon
    Hello, my name is norrms Mc Namara, Founder of the Global purple Angel dementia campaign which started right here in Torquay Devon UK,
    With friends across the world, this year will be our Fourth WRAD " World rocks against dementia"" As you can see with our latest attachment and information i have sent here, its becoming bigger and bigger every year. This has now become a Global phenomenon and YET??
    it gets very little publicity and more worrying some, not all i may add, Large UK dementia and worldwide dementia organizations choose to ignore this. This is a very sad state of affairs by all connected or touched with dementia. If we all joined in, made a little bit more of an effort and asked all we know to join in with this we could do so much more good. We have long said the only way to beat this disease is by working together, so why don't you / they work with us on this ??
    There is nothing political about joining in with this, it takes very little time to send a generic email to all and ask them to confirm they will be joining in and then letting us know. The more people are involved, the more those with dementia will know we are thinking about them and helping them in their worst time.
    I would appreciate e reply to this e mail please and if you want to know anything else about QWRAD 2019 March 23rd (or that week) please don't hesitate to get in touch
    Norrms E mail (two rr`s in norms please)
    INCREDIBLE List of events happening worldwide so far PLEASE DONT IGNORE US
    1) RAD Nashville tbc.
    2) RAD19CLE Ethnic performances 24th;Brothers Lounge
    3) RAD19NYC 30th Mar;
    4) RAD19GALWAY March tbc; Bardon Buskers Bar
    5) RAD19ONTARIO 22nd Mar;
    7) Ardsi Mumbai Chapter AD tbc;
    8) Asbury Park New Jersey USA August Fran Pannella;
    9) DAI online Kate Swaffer Worldwide
    10) Silver Innings, Sailesh Mishra. India. March
    11) Torquay mem café, Devon, UK Sat 23rd March
    12) Top Town Memory Cafe Camelford UK.13th Mar
    13) Launceston Memory Cafe UK 16/30th Mar
    14) SPELTHORNE DEM SUPPORT Jean Saunders 30th March, Shepperton UK.
    15) Adriana Fernandes-bowyer. Reading UK
    16) April Lewis Weston Super Mare UK. 1st March Tropicana with Mark Anthony Sweeting Sweet Silent Disco.
    17) Debbie Moffat Aus. (July).
    18) Purple Cities All. Knoxville, Tennessee – Kathy Broggy 30th March
    19) Purple Cities All. Sevier County, Tennessee – Gary Johnson
    20) Anil Polkharel Lithuania.
    21) Shedfield Lodge, Hants, UK
    22) Depression Big Black Dog Facebook. Sarah & Pam.
    23) Eastwood Memory Café, Nottingham. Diane Rowley 22nd March (Everyone Can Sing and Oldish Spice)
    24) Eastwood Memory Cafe. Nottingham. Diane Rowley 29th March Beatroute
    25) Isles of Scilly, UK, Jenny Byers
    26) New Zealand,Jean Nicholls Private party.
    27) Ajay Kumar Chhetri Online event raising awareness throughought March 2019
    28) Pendine Park, N Wales, Christine Lewis
    29) Steps Ahead Care & Support, Post Office Inn, Plympton, Devon, UK 23rd Mar.
    30) Annette Brandstaetter/Jess Yarham Baker: Bridport, UK
    31) Sandra Barford UKPrivate party "Kitchen Rockin'" Nefyn, N. Wales 22nd Mar
    32) Peter Jones Y Castell Public House, Pwllheli, N. Wales 22nd to 25th Mar.
    33) Kiki Edwards, Nigeria.
    34) Ashley Gardens Care Center, Maidstone, Kent.
    35) Dunboyne Court Torquay (March, date to be arranged ) by Sanctuary housing
    36) Whitley Court Paignton coffee morning, Care Company(March date to be arranged)
    37)Dunboyne Court WRAD Coffee morning, Care Company (March Date to be arranged)
    38) Bernadette González Orta Mexico.
    39) Timo Tex Turpeinen. Finland
    40) Isle of Wight - Kim Brown - Nature Therapy CIC 22nd Mar.
    41)Gail Sonnesso, GEMS, Kitty Hawk, N. Carolina Rock & Roll against dementia
    42) Cannock Dementia Aware Fest 30th March Dave Evans
    43) Galmpton & Totnes St Johns C of E Primary School Choir.
    44) Telford, Shropshire, Brian Clowes with Time Traveller's Ball and Kal's Kats 30th March.
    45) Newquay - Lynn Bartrip-Kay tba.
    46) Advinia Relations Burrswood, Bolton. 22nd March .
    47) Lydia Lydia Giménez Llort Spain University WRAD.
    48) Sunrise Senior Living at Bramhall. Karen Harrison. Afternoon Tea with a singer. 22nd March.
    49) Overbury Dementia Home, Wroxham, Norfolk. 23rd Mar 1-5pm Open to the public. Beth Bailey
    50) Bexi Owen Event details to follow.
    51) Reflections Cornwall Angela Downing/Debbie Hannon 1970's Disco featuring Abba 22nd March.
    52) RAD & Ride Cruise - In April 20 / Parma,Ohio
    53) RAD & Ride Cruise-In September/ Parma, Ohio
    54)RAD Tri-Cities tbc
    55) Caitlin Windsor. 28th Mar. Lost Brewing Co. Boone.NC.details tbc.
    56) Norway. Per Valland Private guitar event. 22nd- 25th March
    Thank you


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    Nov 16, 2016
    Moreton, Wirral. UK.
    An amazing amount of information there Norrms and, to be honest, I haven’t given the concerts etc you list a single thought; why? I hadn’t heard of them! Thank you for rectifying my oversight. Now it is back to your post to study in depth, thank you.

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