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Dementia Support Group, Rayleigh, Essex


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Aug 6, 2014
Hi everyone

I haven't posted for a while and I am glad to say that after a very difficult time last year, things have sort of 'settled' with Mum. She has become accustomed to life in the care home, and bizarrely has literally one good day, one bad day, one good day, one bad day. On a good day, she is back to the Mum I know and love, apart from being a bit forgetful and repeating herself. On a bad day she insists she can't breathe and asks us and the staff to take her to hospital. She gets quite verbally abusive if 'nobody will help her'. Dad and I don't stay long on her bad days, as it seems to make her worse if we do.

I have set up a support group for relatives of people with dementia, and had the first meeting today at Mum's care home in Rayleigh. There were only five of us, but that was fine for the first meeting, and it was good to talk to people who were facing similar difficulties and challenges.

I will be doing another one in about three or four weeks, and wonder if anyone on TP is in the Rayleigh area and wants to attend? The care home are quite happy for anyone in need to attend, whether their relative is in a care home or not. The purpose of the meeting is to share experiences and resources, and to offer emotional support. I was unable to find a support group which met at a convenient time, so I started my own!

Please let me know if you are interested, and I will give you details.


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